Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting a New Phone

Fact 1. In a battle between a Razr and a washing machine, the washing machine will always win.
Fact 2. In a battle between sense and the mobile salesperson, the mobile salesperson will always win.

"I like that phone"
"No lah, the function not so good. You like that phone, you might as well get this one."
"But it's a bit big."
"Yala, ok, you get this one, same function, smaller."

The upshot of which I end up with a phone equivalent to a month's rent. Luckily I'm not paying a month's rent this month. Which is because I was basically evicted and left homeless. But that's a whole other story. Oh, and my wallet was stolen.

It's not been a good week.

But there, new phone, most of my ID redone (it costs almost 400 bucks to recover IDs. This is kinda sad), a place to stay (I LOVE YOU GAYA AND SOREN) and everything is finally sorta sorta looking up. Kinda. Let's not look at bank balances. Can my employer just pay me already!!

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