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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I thought these were some wierd names of piercing types then i realized maybe they meant tongue piercing. Have fun figuring out the rest!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Well spent research funds

More malaya ignorance

This shows an example of art by sukukaum sarawak. This carving that everyone knows is made by indonesians. Or everyone in sarawak so maybe not so bad that people outside dont know? I'd buy that explanation If i didn't see it hanging in the NATIONAL ART GALLERY.

Palang automatik!

Best chicken feet ever!

Babi hutan curry!

So good! So maybe the people here not so uncivilized after all

Skulls around the longhouse

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Waiting for interview

What i stare at while waiting for an interview. 2 hours aftr my schedvld time. My stomach is in knots. The carpet at least looks like a hippie psychotic trance. Soothing.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Waiting for the bus

Dark street of the city. This is the one light by the bus stop. How is this safe?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

World's ugliest curtains

I submit these are the world's ugliest set of curtains. I still can't figure out how to turn photos around. Maybe I should just try taking them the right way from the camera itself.
That's an idea.
There you go. Don't they look like they would be rejected even in the seventies? What you can't see here is that they are actually several smaller strips of (dare i say) cloth? That don't actually match. It is therefore a challenge to try and move the curtains so they don't leave gaps.
Important for when it's your bedroom curtains and the windows are floor/ceiling.
yes, i wake up to this every morning. My landlord is a real sweetie. But a 20 something guy should never, never be responsible for furnishing an apartment.

Tattoo wind

This is my center burned in blue dye and set in skin. It starts at the bottom with the hornbill that marks warriors and ends with the tree of life resting against the shoulder, connected with an abstraction of the rope of life. It is a design rooted in tradition but is contemporary.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The New Phone

This is my new phone (pic from Sony). It cost way more money than I have ever spent on a phone. It can store mp3s, take photos, take video.

It probably has a better life than I do.

Three things I discovered today.

1. It has SIMLIFE. This is addictive.

2. My workmate Ginny showed me why Bluetooth is actually fun. Aside from the geek wireless earphones that make you look like you are sprouting metal from the ears. You can exchange ringtones between different phone brands.

I am Ericsson.

She is NOkia.

She gave me her R2D2 ringtone collection.

That is cool.

Not geek.


"Are you W580i?" she asks.
Oh lords. My phone has a name. It is an entity.

3. It can blog from the phone. I can take pictures and put them up. Magic. Cool. Hence this blog. It's my new experiment.

So my phone, which has a name (I'm thinking of changing it to Lord Morgoth or something more fun than W580i. Fun. Still not geek.), can blog, play games, share cool music (or rather which will be cool once I delete the beyonce and westlife the mobile salesguy so 'thoughtfully' gave me) and has a memory larger than mine.

And it can take its own photo. I just don't know how to turn it around.

I think my phone is more fun than i am. :(

Sonia leaves

This is a tweenie girl, let's take a photo of ourselves shot.

Right before Sonia leaves.

Now the last memory of Sonia in Malaysia is doing a tweenie girly thing.


Au revoir, Sonia!!!

Getting a New Phone

Fact 1. In a battle between a Razr and a washing machine, the washing machine will always win.
Fact 2. In a battle between sense and the mobile salesperson, the mobile salesperson will always win.

"I like that phone"
"No lah, the function not so good. You like that phone, you might as well get this one."
"But it's a bit big."
"Yala, ok, you get this one, same function, smaller."

The upshot of which I end up with a phone equivalent to a month's rent. Luckily I'm not paying a month's rent this month. Which is because I was basically evicted and left homeless. But that's a whole other story. Oh, and my wallet was stolen.

It's not been a good week.

But there, new phone, most of my ID redone (it costs almost 400 bucks to recover IDs. This is kinda sad), a place to stay (I LOVE YOU GAYA AND SOREN) and everything is finally sorta sorta looking up. Kinda. Let's not look at bank balances. Can my employer just pay me already!!